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Web Strategies

Having a end to end web strategy is very vital for businesses to integrate with offline efforts. When we say website strategies, its not just about your website aesthetics or design. Before our designers start playing with color, and before our developers even think about creating your database, ISN creates a tailored & customized marketing strategy that serves as the master plan for your website.

Successful web development strategies are about understanding the company goals and audience that will be using the website. As a proven web strategies we can help your organization with it's goals and how to leverage current and emerging web technologies.

As a web strategist we are responsible for the long term planning and ongoing programs of your web presence. We take the responsibility for balancing the three spheres of web strategy: business, technology and community.

Our web strategy provides in a broad spectrum the following:

Objective — To start any online or offline business plan especially in selling products or services requires an Objective. Without objective also a website can look decent but it will take more than aesthetics in any website to really impact sales. Once the objective is determined, that objective will be the foundation from which everything else is derived. So first & foremost understand the basic objective of the website is what we do.

Target Audience Analysis — The next step in strategizing is conducting a detailed & thorough analysis of your target audience. This includes who they are, what their motivations are, how they search, and what they are looking for online.

Content Strategy — Once target audience is determined & analyzed, we device a methodology & complete content strategy to make your website talk to the target audience. When we say make website talk, it primarily means how the content is positioned & written. This strategy will determine the tone of the writing, the calls-to-action, and proper distribution of the key phrases to optimize it for search engines. We also provide content management tools so that you can keep content fresh.

Website Architecture & Design Structure – Just having the quality content & well designed website wont help in procuring sales. An Intuitive site architecture is fundamentally important to a successful website. It is very vital that a user on your website finds what he is looking for quickly. If they cannot, then online visitors don’t put too much effort & tend to look elsewhere. We help create this easy to navigate & use site architecture with an intuitive information flow that gets your users where you want them to go. Our Design Strategy will dictate the look and feel of your site, how the menus will work, and how information should be organized visually on the page.

Design Wireframes - A wireframe is a basic layout of every page on your website. A wireframe will tell the designer exactly what goes where, and gives you an opportunity to run through the navigation to ensure that it meets your usability standards.