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Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click marketing is fastest way in todays internet marketing world to reach out to target market. It is like your website coming in front of ready to buy customers. The best way to build your PPC campaign is to learn first-hand about your business, your goals and your expectations. As the initial step to building a PPC campaign which will place you in the most prominent position on the Google Search Results pages as is possible, and allow your local company to compete on a level playing field with national companies.

PPC is a powerful tool primarily because it matches your business with consumers who are precisely looking for that service or product. It is absolute focussed on target clients & demographics. PPC in today’s market means mainly Google Adwords. It lands the client on the exact page of your website which has the product or service he searched for. This is what makes it so very successful business tool.

For eg, if you are into carpet selling & have a shop. Now you want to reach out to the customers living in your locality. Print media means to print brochures, pamphlets etc which is time consuming. Where as, with google adowrds you can create ad campaigns which will not only target your locality but can also reach out to nearby markets. Now secondly it will only be seen by people searching for keyword you have given, in this case say silk carpets, Wall to wall rugs etc. So what it does is, it filters out the unwanted & just leads your website to target clientele & hence has higher conversion than all other forms of marketing channels.

ISN adds to PPC by really reducing Client Acquisition Cost & making sure conversions are much better. All our years of expertise in Adwords campaign management, we pass it on to our customers.

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